The Big Easy

While visiting New Orleans in July for WP Campus 2023, I managed to take a few moments to get a little lost in the different parts of the city.

Neighborhoods & Parks

It’s amazing to me that houses with these details are regularly occupied residences that you can just walk right by as you take back streets through historic neighborhoods. Pictured here is also a quick venture into Audubon Park located at the south entrance to Tulane.

French Quarter & Burbon Street

I would imagine that the famous French Quarter of New Orleans looks considerably different on a Friday night than on Wednesday morning. But the morning shots allow you to see details about the residences and architecture of the surrounding area that the neon and revelry might obscure otherwise.


Dixieland Jazz at Cafe Du Monde

It was amazing to me that live music could be heard at pretty much any hour of the day or night especially given the humidity and heat of the summer mornings. These guys were playing to the tourists and beignet aficionados at Cafe Du Monde.

Jackson Square & St. Louis Cathedral

The cathedral should probably be an entire separate collection of photos. It was beautiful inside. A welcome respite from the heat of the day along with a reminder of the rich Catholic traditions of the area.