Crystal Cove, March 2021

We had an opportunity to stay at one of our favorite resorts in Southern California for spring break this year. The resort is an amazing property and provides a TON of value for what you pay to stay there.

Even with COVID restricting access to many of the “common areas” parts of the resort, it was still worth every penny to have a comfortable place to

One of our favorite features that is still available is the shuttle that picks you up at the resort and runs you down across PCH to the nearby public beach.

The nearby beach is Crystal Cove State Park which is in the process of being preserved as a historical landmark. It’s a great “hidden” kind of beach that offers plenty of sand and a generally gentle oceanfront for the kids to splash, dig and tumble through.

  • Photo of a rocky outcropping along Crystal Cove beach in southern California.

As you can see, we had plenty of fun, even if the weather that week was kinda not great. (High winds, rain for a couple of days.)

And the best news – we get to go back for Fall break in October to soak up more sun!