Web Community Contributions

Communities come in all sizes, shapes and structures. Here are some of the ways in which I’ve tried to “pay it forward” to others in the various communities in which I am found.


Dec-2022: WP Engine Ignite for High Ed web presentation.

Dec-2022: Nominated as Pantheon Community Member of the Month.

Aug-2022: I provided a demo of the WordPress products (theme + plugins) that we are delivering for ASU Engineering in order to build “on brand” websites using an “officially unsupported” CMS. Pitchfork for the win!

July 2021: Inspired by a pretty deep discussion of the state of calendars within WordPress that happened with WP Campus Slack, I volunteered to formally continue the conversation during the 2021 online conference. Key takeaways: building a calendar integration that works with WordPress is HARD.

July-2020: I spoke at WP Campus about faculty websites and how they can actually be leveraged to provide value back to a university/college, if they are done correctly.

Feb-2019: I spoke at the 2019 WordCamp Phoenix event about the new (at the time) block editor for WordPress. Styles for native blocks weren’t really well known, so I wanted to take a really deep dive into what pitfalls and CSS tricks could be used to leverage the new editor.