Hoover Dam

On the way up to Las Vegas for a family vacation, we got a chance to stop and see the Hoover Dam. It was the first time I had been up that way in a while. My last road-trip to Vegas involved the expected traffic snarl as you were forced to cross over the dam rather than use the bypass freeway.

If you haven’t been there in a little bit, it’s worth taking a moment to check it out. The bypass road now looms way above the canyon walls and includes some beautiful arches that support the highway running over the Colorado below.

What was originally supposed to be a less-than-an-hour stop to walk around a little bit became a full tour of the facility. It was time well-spent to get to see an orientation video explaining how the dam was built and to take a trip down into the generator rooms further exploration.

The interior of the dam provided for some awesome monochrome and darkish snapshots. You can really feel the change of altitude during the elevator rides up and down to the various levels underground.

Lots of room for family photos including the obligatory “Is Dad EVER going to put down his camera” eye roll photo at the end. =)