Basketball practice, i9 Sports

This month marks the beginning of my third season of coaching basketball for my kids. I’ve played basketball my whole adult life in various capacities, but teaching it to kids has always proven to be more difficult than you might initially think. For my third go-round, I will admit to being a little less worried about the end result than I initially was for takes one and two. But I am still concerned that I’m not teaching enough or doing enough as a coach to make the experience as worthwhile for my kids as I find it.

But, I had a co-worker remind me today that “love of basketball” isn’t necessarily the end goal for volunteering as a coach. It’s more about spending time with your kids and making sure that they are having fun.

So yeah. Tabitha will probably never willingly pick up a basketball and want to go shoot hoops with her dad. And Ace, thus far, is just barely learning how not to bounce the ball off his foot. But having coached Tabi for two seasons and now starting that journey with Ace, I can say that I can already see how it beings us closer together.

Shots taken, made and missed. Stores to keep and tell for a while still.