Three Point Design

I own a web design company called Three Point Design. We make web sites for small businesses.

Most Three Point Design sites are built on an open source web publishing platform called WordPress. It is nearly impossible to speak of how my business got started without first explaining my fascination with this wonderful software.

My first foray into web development started several years ago, when I was asked to create some kind of web page to track the standings and rules for a poker league that my buddies had started. The result was a site called Chasing Spades. It was an instant hit for not only those directly involved in the competition, but also for those who couldn’t make the game. I very quickly realized that there was a tremendous amount of creativity that could be poured into not only writing the content for the site, but also for the site design as a whole.

My second “date” with web site construction came via a class assignment at Arizona State University. One of the core classes in my interdisciplinary studies program was to assemble an interactive resume for prospective employers to get to know me a little better. The assignment itself didn’t seem particularly engaging because I was not job hunting at the time like some of my younger classmates were. (I was already doing the 911 gig with Phoenix Fire Department.) But, rather than follow the instructors advice and complete the assignment with Google Sites, I seized upon the opportunity to learn more about the platform that I had used to create the Chasing Spades site.

Eventually, I made the transition from the WordPress hosted dot-com variety to the self-hosted dot-org platform and built the first version of the site you are looking at now. In due time, I was breaking open template files, hacking my own CSS and generally using the software to be creative on the web.

Word got out among my peers that I knew how to design web sites, and before I knew it, I had created a whole small business of my own. I’ve leveraged my knowledge of WordPress along with some fantastic upgrades for the platform (the Genesis framework by StudioPress and Gravity Forms come to mind) into the ability to help other entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

The web design marketplace is always expanding and always changing. Tomorrow, we’ll wake up and the new trend in design and marketing will be something completely different. But no matter how many tomorrows into future you care to look, effective web sites will always contain some mix of three basic core elements: content, cost and character. My business is based on the successful execution of these three things.