Transition: Making the jump from 911 to 10up

I will be making a career transition from a public safety dispatcher for Phoenix Fire Department to a career in the web development industry. I’ll be working as a Marketing Coordinator and Project Manager for a company called 10up, LLC . In their own words they “imagine, grow and create amazing things with WordPress.”

Just unregistered a sidebar for the template themes running and accidentally forgot to move the widgets to another widget space before it went into the nether. Luckily, the software realized that I probably still wanted those things someplace, so it went into an “inactive widget” holding queue. So, after I set up the new widget spaces, the old widgets that went in them were ready and waiting to be dragged into a new home! Thanks WP Development team – just saved me about 45 minutes worth of work!

My ever changing layout

I’ve gone through about three or four different themes over the past several weeks, looking for something that is easy to maintain, but still flexible for me to do what I want to do with it. I now have access to a few different professional themes, but ideally I’d like to have something from the […]

New Business Venture: Three Point Design

After playing around with the idea for quite a while, I decided to start my own business. It’s called Three Point Design and it is a company designed to build simple websites for small businesses.