Loose Ends: 2014 Year in Review

A summary of the 2014 topical “loose ends” including our status as foster parents, foreign-exchange students and an important announcement. Please feel free to ask questions if I skipped over something important.

Placement Three: Foster Parents Make Tough Decisions

An eight year old entered our care in early January. His recent exit from our home was not particularly graceful, but I rest easy knowing that my wife and I have done our very best to take care of him during his time of need.

Our First Assignment as Foster Parents: Answering the Call

Our first assignment as foster parents has come and gone, lasting only 5 days. It left my wife and I with a mixture of sadness, frustration, relief and joy. It’s also a reminder of what a difference just a few days can make on a person.

It’s an amazing thing to suddenly be aware that you are responsible for the well-being of another person. Even more amazing that you are doing it well after only 72 hours of being handed the responsibility. Night shift rounds are over. Tonight, our foster child is safe, still and dreaming well. A day well spent.

On Becoming A Foster Care Parent

My wife and I received the green light to officially become foster parents. As we prepare for our first placement, I wanted to reflect on the decision and what it took to make it together.