Marketing Coordinator

I am implementing a marketing strategy for an emergency operations training center in Mesa, AZ called the Virtual Incident Command Center.

Command officer training for fire departments is a subject that is not often taught formally. The VICC was developed in conjunction with a team of experts across all areas of incident command and emergency operations to fill this educational gap. By simulating multiple kinds of real-world crises in a highly immerse environment, we are able to teach incident commanders how to plan and coordinate an appropriate response.

I was approached by the Director, Larry Thacker to “help out with some social media” content building as a part time employee for the simulator. Knowing that these types of  marketing efforts are rarely successful without a coordinated effort, Larry and I agreed upon a strategy for investigating which types of social media tools might be appropriate to use to locate and engage with practicing incident commanders. Our plan involves first securing a potential “brand identity” among multiple social media channels and then actively monitoring those communities to determine if our target consumers were active in any particular space.

The plan is in it’s infancy: I’m currently only able to commit between eight and ten hours a week in preparing our branded “channels” for deployment and I’ve only just begun to establish connections with our constituents. But we have big things planned for the future and I’m excited to help set to spread the word about what the VICC can do for emergency responders across the country.