Transition: Making the jump from 911 to 10up

I will be making a career transition from a public safety dispatcher for Phoenix Fire Department to a career in the web development industry. I’ll be working as a Marketing Coordinator and Project Manager for a company called 10up, LLC . In their own words they “imagine, grow and create amazing things with WordPress.”

Personal Action Plan for 2012

My life is anything but simple at the moment; I’m bootstrapping a small business and working a part-time job in addition to the days devoted to public safety dispatching. I got married a few months ago, and am always learning to be a devoted husband. (My wife actually makes this last task really easy, though.) […]

Anyone else upset about the completely arbitrary method of scoring in Angry Birds? Seriously, if you can squash all of the bad guys on the level and have a bird left over, you should get three stars automatically.

The work day before your weekend always seems just a little bit more tolerable than normal. Counting down the hours until Christmas shopping can commence.

Very excited. Just got word about my new employment with the VICC at MCC. My wonderful wife just stopped by the campus to pick up the paperwork. Can’t wait to get started!

Theatre Review: Desert Stages Theater

Last night, Liz and I went to see a play at the Desert Stages theatre located near Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. If you are into smaller productions, it’s a great place to see a locally produced show. And if you are an actor/actress type, there are active casting calls for upcoming productions of several plays. […]

The Practice of Being a Writer

A friend of mine asked me what books or experiences that I have had that gave me the confidence to declare myself to be a writer. I recalled a few titles and a few experiences that might help to get someone started along that path.

Academy Awards Contest 2011

It’s that time of year again… drum roll, please. Steve and Liz present our annual Oscar awards ballot contest for 2011. This year’s ballot features your choices for best actor, actress, movie, director and supporting peeps, all like normal. But, as an added twist there are double or nothing opportunities to name the best makeup […]

My ever changing layout

I’ve gone through about three or four different themes over the past several weeks, looking for something that is easy to maintain, but still flexible for me to do what I want to do with it. I now have access to a few different professional themes, but ideally I’d like to have something from the […]

Hand Update: On the Mend

Just a quick update: the hand is on the mend at the four week mark. X-rays show the three little screws pinning the pieces of my metacarpal together are holding nicely. Doc even said that I could return to work as of Monday morning. Pain is still minimal, and thanks to Dr. Adler’s wonderful sewing […]