PFD Resignation Letter

I know that I left my previous gig as a 911 dispatcher pretty abruptly. Some of those who I worked with probably understand that the direction that I am choosing to pursue is a natural evolution of my passion for doing “web stuff” in between phone calls. But, as I never really said a proper goodbye (instead choosing to fade away quietly), I realize inadvertently that I may have left some doubt as to my conviction for the good that we accomplished during my tenure and for the good that will follow in the years after I have moved on.

To remedy this, I offer a short artifact from my official file with the City of Phoenix: my resignation letter. Every word that I wrote is true. I will forever measure my professional accomplishments in comparison to what is done for the citizens of the Metro Phoenix area on a day-in-day-out basis.

So, thank you, Alarm Room staff and friends. Thank you for teaching me so much about how to serve others. My last official act as a PFD employee follows.

It is with mixed feelings that I am resigning my position as a Fire Emergency Dispatcher with the City of Phoenix, effective Thursday, May 09, 2013.

Following my decision to move to part-time status, I have explored other employment opportunities which combine the talents that I developed in the Alarm Room with my passion for innovation through technology. My search eventually revealed a position with a Fortune 100 company here in the Valley in which I am called upon to apply the full range of aptitudes in solving problems for our customer base.

Unfortunately, the commitment needed to be successful in the position that I accepted doesn’t allow for the degree of flexibility necessary to meet the training and experience demands of a 911 Fire Emergency Dispatcher.

I am ultimately happy with the decision that I made to move forward in a new direction, but I will miss the staff of the Alarm Room greatly. The amazing levels of service provided by our dispatchers and supervisors will always remain the benchmark by which I measure my own levels of commitment to the things that matter most around me.

I thank you all for the opportunity to be of service to our communities over the past seven years.

Steve Ryan