Transition: Making the jump from 911 to 10up

Today, I have a rather large announcement to make. Yes, it’s a good thing. I’m going to finally embrace my inner geek on a full time basis.

I will be making a career transition from a public safety dispatcher for Phoenix Fire Department to a career in the web development industry. I have accepted an offer to work as a Marketing Coordinator and Project Manager for a company called 10up, LLC ( In their own words they “imagine, grow and create amazing things with WordPress.”

As may of you know, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for quite some time now, dispatching calls for the PFD by day and hacking away at template files and web project specs by night. I’ve successfully launched over a dozen websites in my short tenure as a small business owner for Three Point Design, and have also embraced a role as a social media marketer for a project called the Virtual Incident Command Center at Mesa Community College.

I was given the chance to combine what I’ve learned in all of these different walks of life and put them into practice, working with perhaps the most talented WordPress development team that’s ever been assembled under one virtual roof. (We’re pretty much like the Avengers. Except, we managed to recruit Spider Man, Morpheus from the Matrix, and Roland from the Dark Tower novels too.) The folks at 10up are constantly pushing themselves to take WordPress to new heights and in new directions. They are community oriented as well, contributing regularly as members of the WordPress core development team, and to the plugin repository.

Excited just seems too small of a word for what I am feeling right now. I’m equal parts overwhelmed, apprehensive, anxious and psyched out of my mind.

And… grateful. I appreciate the support that my clients, associates, friends and family have shown to me over the past few weeks as I interviewed and prayed about the decision. Knowing that I had my own community of supporters cheering me on through this process is what has given me the strength to “advance confidently in the direction of my dreams.” (Henry David Thoreau, from Walden.)

I’ll be posting regular updates here about what my new role entails as I immerse myself into the new environment beginning on May 29th.