Personal Action Plan for 2012

My life is anything but simple at the moment; I’m bootstrapping a small business and working a part-time job in addition to the days devoted to public safety dispatching. I got married a few months ago, and am always learning to be a devoted husband. (My wife actually makes this last task really easy, though.) As the year opens, it’s a natural time to consider areas where change might not be a bad thing. I hate to call this three pronged attack a “resolution list” because it brings up thoughts of empty promises made in the traditional style of ringing in the new year. Instead, I’ll refer to this a blueprint for the future. Like any well laid plan, it’ll likely have to change due to other circumstances, but at least it’s a start.

Extra extra, read more about it

The first step in the journey to improve what turned out to be a pretty good year is to use this space to devote more time to writing. For a long time, having my own domain was more about having a place to practice my WordPress development skills, rather than chip away at the cobwebs surrounding that thing which I used to call a “narrative voice.” I know I have it in me to write things that are in some combination entertaining, interesting, informative or thought-provoking. So, at least once a week, I’m going to post something new here.

My youngest brother toasted my marriage in 2011 with the jest that my wife Liz had landed “tech support for life” by choosing to marry such a self-proclaimed geek. And as I was thinking about ideas for what to blog about, it struck me as appropriate that I might write a “tech support for life’s problems” kind of column. Therefore, stay tuned to read more from the GeekSpeek Blog: Tech Support for Life.

Take a look, it’s in a book

As most of my friends know, I love pouring my attention into a good book and allowing it to transform my ordinary world into something filled with mystery and wonder. And as I hope to sharpen my word-slinging skills by writing more frequently, I can also improve the reach of my imagination by reading more as well.

But, the journey that you take into a book is only as good as those who you can share it with when you are finished. There are random occasions when I can talk about a plot line or story point with other guys around me. But, there’s also a need for a more organized way to do it? I am fully aware that a guy telling another guy that you joined a “book club” is likely to get your man card pulled in a heartbeat. But, if you happen to stumble upon someone else’s blog and they happen to be reading the same thing you are, there’s no harm in leaving a comment or two about the book is there?

Guys reads only: there will be no Robert James Waller or Stephanie Meyers discussed here. (Sorry Sal, I just can’t stomach having to decide which side of the Team Jacob / Team Edward fence I’d be on.) I’ll start with the first few books from my own reading list posted here, and I’ll leave it to you to add what books you want to discuss as well.

Facebook comment regarding the Twilight Series from my friend Mike Salazar

The idea of guys reading books is socially acceptable, but just gotta pick some different material. I'm considering this Facebook comment from my friend Sal a cry for help!

Making eye contact with my toes

I am pretty much in the worst shape of my life, as I enter into my thirty-fifth year. Lord knows that whatever first-step quickness I had on a basketball court was gone several years ago. I have added a waist size or two. Where there used to be a normal navel surrounded by a wall of functional abdominal muscle, there is now a small hole which houses debris gathered from the last week of watching American Chopper reruns all afternoon? I feel gross, and although I’m lucky enough to not have any impending health problems caused by my inactivity, I know that at some point my luck is going to run out.

So, to get myself motivated in getting off the couch, I am stealing an idea I found on Facebook about traveling a set number of human powered miles per year. The goal that was proposed was running 2012 miles in 2012. But, while visions of  Forrest Gump sprang into my head (I was run-nning!) I grabbed a calculator and did some math. Disappointed, I realized that that 2012 miles in a year is more than a marathon per week. Obviously, I’m not in anywhere good enough shape to run this much, so I came up with a more realistic plan for myself instead: 1006 human powered miles in 2012. I’m calling it the the half-marathon version of the popular pledge for the devoted joggers. Except my plan will not exclude miles spent in pursuit of tennis balls, running baseline to baseline, spinning my wheels along the mountain bike track, or (gasp) slogging along on a treadmill. I plan to log everything here in a nifty WordPress widget and show my progress as I get back into shape.

If I come up with more goals, i’ll of course revise the plan. But, this should keep me fairly well occupied for a bit!