Academy Awards Contest 2011

It’s that time of year again… drum roll, please.

Steve and Liz present our annual Oscar awards ballot contest for 2011.

This year’s ballot features your choices for best actor, actress, movie, director and supporting peeps, all like normal. But, as an added twist there are double or nothing opportunities to name the best makeup or best visual effects categories. Tell us which movie got hosed and which movie will take home the most gold trophies this year. Survey takes 10 minutes and is worth a total of 35 points.

Winners will receive a $20 gift certificate to the iPic theater in the Scottsdale Crossing area. Liz and I went there last week to see True Grit and we were both blown away at the movie watching experience. They seriously offered us pillows and blankets to go with our reclining chairs. The chocolate covered strawberries and adult beverage services were also pretty darn cool. (Yes, we will be happy to watch your kids for an evening, too!)

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We’ll notify you via email of the winners! Good luck!