Honeymoon Planning

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to successfully plan a fantastic wedding for Liz and I this summer. As I’ve joked about in the past, there are absolutely no guides for how to do this that are written from a man’s perspective, so I thought that it might be fun to write about it a little bit as things progress.

To prove that first point, you need look no further than Google results for the two searches.

So, with that in mind, Liz and I made our first wedding related decision tonight. We booked a honeymoon cruise! Ok, ok, it’s not really related to the actual ceremony. But, without a good honeymoon and a good travel experience, Liz said that there was a good possibility that she wouldn’t come to the wedding. So we figured we should start at the end.

The cruise is a Southern Caribbean cruise by¬† Carnival, and we are super excited! I made an interactive Google Map that you can play with to see where we are headed. Feel free to chime in with suggestions of fun looking places to see while we’re in port. (The link above has better descriptions & opens in a new window.