My ever changing layout

I’ve gone through about three or four different themes over the past several weeks, looking for something that is easy to maintain, but still flexible for me to do what I want to do with it.

I now have access to a few different professional themes, but ideally I’d like to have something from the dot com community to represent my¬† personal journal here. WordPress is such a great tool for web development, and I am very thankful for those who contribute to the community. The individuals who would make the WordPress Honor roll if there were one usually have their IPO’s as freely offered themes. I hope to show off their work as I begin the journey of learning how to do this stuff on my own… pay homage to the great ones, so to speak.

That being said, I do want to include some of my own flair, which probably means a child theme of some kind, based on one of the already excellent offerings from the catalogue. But for now – you get the Titan Theme (free version) offered by

So… please excuse the extra 1’s and 0’s that may be scattered around my site as I try to put things together. Paying customers come first, my business site a close second, and way back in the distance… my scattered half-dozen or so devoted listeners. (Thanks Mom!)