New Business Venture: Three Point Design

After playing around with the idea for quite a while, I decided to start my own business.

Three Point Design is a company to build simple websites for small businesses. The idea revolves around ensuring that a site has great content, a low cost, and has a character that reflects that of the business owner and its customers. Using basic design concepts and a very “Hemingway” approach to the construction of a site, I believe that I can outperform many of the bigger design houses in the area by keeping it local, encouraging customer participation in the process and making sure that the site’s form follows it’s function.

I became interested in website design during an internship that I did during my last semester at Arizona State. The project that I became involved with required me to not only solidify an older design, but to incorporate a back end to the site that eventually would allow for multiple people to update it with their own news and status info.

Logo for Three Point Design

There are several technologies available that I have found to do this. But the one I have chosen to spend my initial efforts learning is a content management system (or CMS) called WordPress. It’s the technology that is currently powering this site and the site of my business. At its heart, WordPress is a blogging tool that is used by several Fortune 500 companies to develop and house web content across multiple countries. However, WordPress has morphed to include extensions for all of the major types of web functionality out there. If you want a shopping cart, a forum, a wiki, an online meeting place, a social media life stream collection or just a vanilla place to post your thoughts, WordPress has an answer.

I am terribly excited at the new opportunity, and will be posting some updates here about my experiences as an entrepreneur.

Businesses that are successful start small and dream big. My small start-up will depend on a lot of help from the people with whom I am surrounded. So, if  you know someone in need of a website, or if you would like to know more about Three Point Design, please contact me either through this site, or at